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  • YES! My name is Jim, and I have shot most of the content on this site. I do have a group of cameramen that both live in Tampa...and travel with me to locations to film hot girls together. Every scene here has been filmed by us!
  • QUESTION: There is a delay between choosing a film and being able to pick quality and download commands. There is then an overlap of audio from first selection and the audio/video of the film being watched. Can't download to specific quality. Film & audio wont't sync. ANSWER: 1. Are you having issues on a mobile device or desktop? I check it regularly on a desktop, but not my phone. I only encode 2 versions for download (Full quality 1080 or lower quality 720). There wasn't much need for anything other than those 2. No one really downloads a 480 version. Your issue with the duplicate audio is this: When you click on a video, it starts to play. If you then click on the download button, it will start playing in another tab...and the first one will still be playing in your original tab. If you notice when you hover over the download button it says in red "To Download, right click and select save as". So if you then right click on the High quality (1080) or lower quality (720) then you will see the "file-full-name-mp4". This will give you an option of where you want to store the clip on your computer so you can watch it offline whenever you want.
  • QUESTION: Can't stop a choice once it's started. No off button or stop for a film. Have to close down the entire site and sign back on. ANSWER: You can use the pause button to stop a clip from playing in the player.
  • QUESTION: No real ID or description of videos of videos. Dates seem to be all 2014 and 2015 and 2019 with a smattering of others. They may have all come out at the same time but they weren't all FILMED at the same time. I saw one time notice at the start of a film saying 2000, which is the kind of film I'm looking for but can't find it again. ANSWER: The dates reflect when they were UPLOADED to the site, not the date the scene was created. Sorry about that.
  • QUESTION: Newest/oldest filter seems to work only per page. Can't time sort entire category or entire site (see no. 3 It doesn't do any good if it just sorts the past 3 or 4 years). ANSWER: The newest/oldest does sort the entire site, but only by uploaded date.
  • I was looking for some older films and Jim suggested I checkout DGM. I finally did, but the site doesn't provide any real search or download facilities. Photography is EXCELLENT. Please tell Jim he has another fine site here! I'm curious to see what response I get to these complaints. RESPONSE: Hey. This is Jim. We are a 2 man show these days...me and my partner John. Two features that might help you a little bit: 1. Categories Tab: https://dreamgirlsmembers.com/members/category.php?id=3 All the new clips are getting extensive tabs set so they fill up these categories. You might be able to sort these and find what you are looking for. 2. Older Content: We are remastering our Standard Def content (480) into HD content (1080). Finally technology has progressed enough to allow us to do this! The scenes look great! So, you will see a bunch of RumRunners Wet T shirt and Mardi Gras footage getting added to the site. I am adding a clip every day now! 3. You can look at the calendar feature: Top right icon on the members section: https://dreamgirlsmembers.com/members/calendar.php This will show you the updates in a different layout where you can hover over to see an image of the scene to see if it interests you. 4. Alot of the scenes you are looking for are in our DVDs. Again, use the categories tab. Then click FULL DVDs. Unfortunately, these are standard defintion (480). These scenes are getting reencoded and added daily! Hopefully these tips help you! Jim
  • If the video is a new update, sometimes it takes up to 24 hours for the video to fully encode properly. If it is an older update, then please click the link the says "Report Problem" at the bottom of the player so we can fix it ASAP!